I been using low temperature glue guns with the toddlers and

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The tools I’m referring to consist of five puzzles

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By setting off those fast contracting muscle fibers

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10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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For those needing some privacy and quiet, both the spacious

If you’re playing in colder weather, you may wear longer compression shorts under your loose soccer shorts. The waist band is elastic to allow for optimum maneuverability. Some coaches prefer that you tuck your shirt into your shorts, so watch to see how other players are wearing their shorts and jersey.

It’s a fantastic initiative by the LGFA to get girls playing Gaelic football and to increase participation. Finally, the club would like to offer deepest sympathy to Gerry and Karen Hargan, after the sudden and sad passing of Karen’s father this weekend. May he Rest In Peace, and our thoughts are with Gerry, Karen, Rachel and all their family at this difficult time.

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